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New EP Coming Soon!

We had our first live performance since 2020, and we couldn't be more excited! Thank you SO MUCH to all those who attended the show, both in person and over livestream. Your presence inspires us to keep learning, growing, and making music. Thank you also to everyone who contributed their time, effort, and resources to making this project come to life. We're proud to be your friends and colleagues.


"There We Will Go," EP featuring original music composed by our own Emma Nelson, coming out in the autumn of 2022! 

THANK YOU for your support!

We are humbled and honored by all of the support we received during our live listening party on December 21st. It was a joy to share music with our family, friends, and online supporters. 

Not only was it our pleasure to share our music with you all, but we are completely blown away by the generous donations gifted to us throughout the duration of the evening. Our goal was $500, and thanks to the kindness of our supporters, we now have more than double this much to put towards professional recording equipment and future projects. Again, THANK YOU! We are excited to keep creating, improving, and growing. This is possible because of your generosity and support. 

Enjoy our Holiday Singles! 

DecemberResonance Treble Ensemble
00:00 / 04:10
GaudeteResonance Treble Ensemble
00:00 / 01:40

 Northern Lights // Ola Gjeilo 

Resonance Treble Ensemble

Simon Lee, director

Filmed by Dana Hsu

Underneath the Stars // Kate Rusby

Arr. Jim Clements, ed. Emma Nelson

Resonance Treble Ensemble

Simon Lee, director

Looking for music for a virtual religious service? 

Amazing GraceResonance Treble Ensemble
00:00 / 02:54

Contact us at for inquiries and requests! 

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