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RESONANCE Treble Ensemble is now available for virtual services! Our professional recordings are perfect for church services, livestream events, or any occasion.


We sing in a wide variety of styles, both acapella and in collaboration with instrumentalists.

Contact us at to get started!

Check out our Recent Projects:


Our third EP, titled There We Will Go, is scheduled to be released by the end of 2022! RTE is proud and excited to be working in collaboration with musicians from several different ensembles in Indianapolis to bring this project to life. The EP is named after an original piece by Emma Nelson, which will be the featured work. She was commissioned to write the theme song for a storytelling podcast, which will begin releasing episodes in the coming years. As soon as the podcast is published, we look forward to sharing more information about it! 

This project took place over the course of three days; a day to rehearse, a day to record, and a live performance. We couldn't be happier with the results, and can't wait to share them with you. 

Although the EP is not yet public, you can listen to a livestream recording of our June 4th show on our YouTube channel. The livestream includes not only the songs from our EP, but a variety of music focused on themes of growth, expansion, travel, and adventure. 


Food for Thought, our second EP, was released in the autumn of 2021. Whimsical and humorous, this project features an original composition by our own Emma Nelson, titled "Recipe Song," along with two other pieces. We set out to explore the role that food plays in our lives-- how it brings us together, and the range of emotions it can make us feel.

  • "Recipe Song" ponders on the family dishes we remember from our childhood. The flavors can make us nostalgic as they bring back comforting memories, while also making us feel the bittersweet poignancy of carrying on traditions alone as we grow up. 

  • "Java Jive" is a classic jazz piece, written in 1940 by Ben Oakland and Milton Drake. The most famous recording of the song was made by The Ink Spots that same year. 

  • "Vegetables" is a lesser-known song recorded by the Beach Boys for their 1967 album Smiley Smile. Brian Wilson, one of the composers of the song, reportedly wanted to use a satirical approach to encourage fans towards healthy eating. 


Listen to our Debut EP!

awakencoverART.3C (1) (1).jpg

Awaken - EP 

In March 2020, RESONANCE Treble Ensemble planned its 2020 concert program called "Awakening," featuring the journey of growth and self-discovery during the transition from youth to adulthood. Then, the coronavirus pandemic struck and brought our carefully constructed plans to an abrupt halt.

In the midst of madness, however, there is beauty. The Black Lives Matter movement has gained new strength, and people and nations around the world are reflecting, engaging in conversation, and coming together anew to get through current crises. RESONANCE Treble Ensemble's focus has shifted from our personal, individual reflections to the awakening of all humanity.


Enjoy our first EP, "Awaken," which explores change, growth, and bravery in times of transition. 

JDV profile.webp

John David Vandevert, Music Researcher, Critic, and Freelance Writer, has generously taken the time to review "Awaken - EP". Thank you for the thoughtful perspective - we are endlessly appreciative! 
Check it out below!

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